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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> any question? why not go to the analysts report >> members of the committee on page 27 we appoint there is no direct fiscal impact to adopt the ports guidelines, however, there are criteria within the ports guidelines that may have impact and that's on 27 and 28 on our report. we have a series of recommendationss and they're on page 29. we recommend that you request the port to amend the port guidelines to say that the threshold criteria must be met and the strategic criteria must be seen by board of supervisors.
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and secondarily all the time they recalled 5 to specific that the areas financial plan will project the city's general fund as to determine the i f p and also specify that the tax rate is established annually by the board of supervisors for the city and that's pursuant to the california revenue taxation code. and specify the tax increment may not be allocated to the cities general fund and to protect against sea level rise and finally, we consider the approval of this to be a policy
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decision. we'll be happy to respond to any questions and any questions? >> thank you very much for the recommendations. i think the changing the criteria 5 to look at the net fiscal general cities fund i'm wondering on behavior of the controllers office can comment not so much on all but in general what comments do you have about i f ds in the general fund if we move forward in the future? >> mr. chairman monique i'm from the controllers office. this is diverted for the benefits of the area and it
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really would depends on the developments of the property. we can do another analysis and this has been used in san francisco. in order to red blithe and improve the economical condition of that area but it does have the effect of moving money for this particular purpose over a long period of time >> and to address blithe and to raise up communities but for you f ds it might not be specific types of areas but it would be
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good to get another analysis over time. >> we can work on that. >> any further questions colleagues? and a mr. benson to be clear the amendments i sir, circulated are they - and we didn't circulate those. >> we can simply approve those mr. rowss recommendations is okay. >> we have talked recommendation one c oh, no,
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excuse me. - recommendation 1 d about this amending to specify the tax increment or accommodates to the cities and to protect against sea wide it doesn't include the improvements felt city seawall but we're comfortable with their response. >> just to point out the city seawall is intend as part of the xantdz portion but we agree with the portion if it's not needed to fund can't later be used to fund any other improvements. >> we're joined by supervisor
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kim. >> at that one we'll go to public comment i have two speaker cards. please come forward. anyone else please line up on the side we'll have two minutes >> good afternoon i am a long time port washer member of the central advisory committee and a member of the pier thirty, 32 arena. i support this legislation as i've also been chair of the commission bay c lc for many years. i understand the benefits that could come out i f d funding.
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the issue of diverting fund if you didn't have this money nothing would happen and you wouldn't have the access tax. i do support the budget analysts recommendations and i have a couple of other issues that i'll talk to supervisor kim's office. but this is important probation officer to move forward. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker please and excuse me, sir could i come up to the mike .
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anyone else that would like to commit? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues any comments? so we just have to vote on the resolution itself. supervisor kim >> thank you and i apologize for missing the beginning of the meeting. overall i'm very supportive of the guidelines that are coming before the board of supervisors. i do think that the infrastructures are greatly needed. and noting, of course, any projects that do have to get finally approved i'm very
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supportive of the budget analyst amendment and there's been some discussion about. i think it's important to get a sense of the bends but also the net impact to our general fund. we're setting aside a portion of the general fund for those improvements. i'm supportive and i know we'll have an opportunity to view the improvements. >> okay. thank you very much supervisor kim. so again, the resolution is in front of us can we take a motion. okay. mr. clerk can you please call items 7 and 8 together
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>> item no. 7 here on city college of san francisco. item 8 urging the board of trustees and administration to utilize to preserve the quality of education that has served education well, and to support the city of san francisco to reevaluate the charges and providing more and kind services to support the resolution. >> this was a resolution to support the issues i'll turn it over to you. >> colleagues we have a number of speakers from the community of supporters of city college and faculty i believe we'll have
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a trustee or two. my hope is this hearing on city college and dialog on resolution to support the college this is a difficult time and we can also end with a commitment to have a working group that would be looking at the financial support and putting our heads together in creativity ways to feel what month supporters feel is a jewel of the san francisco system. we've invited all students from all background and the chance to develop a better life for themselves and their families. i know last year the focus was on how the college has that i would people from poverty but also retrained individuals like
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from manufacturing and retraining in health care and other types of progressions. the colleges have produced cooks and many progressions. the mission and focus on equity has been a model of pulling up the whole economy of the city and the equity model has been a treasure and a great model for other college districts thought the country as well but the city college is facing the biggest crisis. because of the cuts at the state level and the threat in many cases is not only on
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accreditation but the dismantling the support of immigrant groups and job retraining that's been building up over decades is at risk. the school has come under the scrutiny. those twin challenges of the cuts and accreditation challenge those twin challenges have tested the schools like never before but because of the crisis and county groups have come together to support the city colleges and that's a positive thing that came out of this crisis. because it's time also for our city to think more creativity so
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we can support from city hall. this resolution that's before us and there's a couple of amendments made by the college of the trustees and other groups. but the resolution first calls for the college to use as much of the funds through ballot prop a that passed last fall by 73 percent margin to keep classrooms open as much as possible and to use the resources there. also the community coalition we're not saying this dissects shouldn't have a healthy reverse o reserve. also prop a forms have been used
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with input from the community. second the currently charges to the college and explore opportunities the existing kind services that are charged to the college system and hopefully, we'll have more information about this i think it's $2.26 million estimated but i see the controllers office saying that's questionable. so also to begin considering longer-term critical colleges operating. the goals today are to one keep city college open and tlifg and to make sure that the college is
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serving the most needy. it's great to be working with the trustees and staff to make the amendment better. i think their might be other things coming out of this meeting. i want to thank the faculty and students who are leading the campaign to this. i wonder if what information we have on what current charges the city levies on city colleges for the various services. and i know i just saw some of the information that's before
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us. and yeah. i'm sorry if this has come suddenly but there is this crisis within the excellently system and there's the charges for the south east facility and there's this charge from the budget committee the cost of the electorate system of ballot measures or the every two years the college board. >> members based on your request supervisor mar we did take a look at the varies information and the costs of the services. there are very few the elections department charges those entities that are not part of the city and county for the cost
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of those elections so the school is charged if there's a partial tax and those are based on the actual costs of the inclusion of the items in the ballot and the voting cards address so forth. for fiscal 11, 12 they charged $284,000 this was for the candidate. this was charging for the discounted rate and that number it one through 7. and the public i tilts commission also charges the community college 2 hundred and 407 thousand for the lease of the southeast community facility
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and however the city pays rent to the excellently for that the college pace 2 hundred and 7 thousand and the puc subsidies the power so the total cost to the excellently in the departments proximate $2.26 million in this past fiscal year on the second page. there's some detail on the elections in prior years it ranges between $20,300,000
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depending upon the items on the voter pamphlet and the last item identifies money that the human agencies gives to the college and that amounts to about $2.8 million. so again, it's charges for services they're not in kind their actual services that are provided consistent with the administration code or the practices to charge those entities. beyond this there's a health services and the college is charged for that based on the options elected by the employees of the college of costs and any other similar types of fringe benefits. >> thank you for the quick response to our questions.
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i want to ask about so the utilities from the public utilities are for power and water? >> correct. >> and you said election my understanding you've got to see it's be it's been unusual. >> those are actual costs that are charged. the elections department in each election has to do an analysis to determine what the costs are so each of the entities are charged the appropriate amount. we did an audit on that that the community college was not paying so there was an effort to get
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that reimbursement from the excellently and district court from the prior years and since that time the lengsz department has been timely in bill and receiving those costs. >> thank you very much for that report. >> and their up to dominate now? >> thank you. i know from a about a year ago we passed a resolution in port of financial strategy to support
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a partial tax that was on the ballot so in many ways it is to support the city college of san francisco. i want to ask i know my staff made a number of requests for chandler from the city college i'm wondering is there anyone from the city college here to report to the board of supervisors. so despite to have someone here they are not heeler we'll hope that somebody shows up. i see there may have been a few a calls from the .
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with you the think the strong voice if the community and faculty and students is really important in this hearing. i want to ask if we could move to public comment now and the fact that the administration is not here my hope is that i could communicate a little bit which what was given to me but if we could move to public comment? >> we do have a - there are a
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bunch of speaker cards. >> i know we had a couple of gentlemen that point to be here but i'll call the director here. (calling names). a faculty member and leader of the coalition leslie and i'll wait to call more in a moment >> thank you supervisor mar and having this conversation. i think that we know that that san francisco values city college and what we offer greatly and we saw that in the vote for proposition
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rightwo: it was it was a - we believe that education should be assessable to all and in fact, it's a right. city excellently is a place of assess we want to help students move forward in meeting their goals. that can be workforce training or immigrants learning english. we have students in many situations and we're very proud of that. we have been under some severe
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criticisms. by the budget cuts at city college has impacted our ability to do well >> please continue. >> so we appreciate this opportunity to talk about how san francisco, california continue to support city i college of san francisco so it can be the kind of community college it is. we have a series of things happening at the college in addition to the accreditation report. we have changes that are being implemented that we're very concerned about and a budget we're concerned about. that budget is the preview of the board of supervisors. we think that we should have
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community input and a process to make sure we have the kind of city excellently that keeps the community a city college. >> let me just say we're trying to keep to the limit of time could you wrap up? >> we all know that we have been through a period of extreme budget cuts and with proposition and proposition thirty we have hit bottom in terms of education we're moving back up. we would like to see the san franciscans continue to find ways to support the college and the good work we do to close the
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achievement gap. and we think all of those things are possible not over funding or reaching into the reserves and we ask for your support >> thank you. next speaker >> i'm woman's studies faculties. i'm a member of the diversity coalition. i'm basically here to introduce a couple of of projects survive it's a sexual prevention program.